Monday, July 27, 2009

FEATURED ARTIST - Spin’N’Knit Fibre Design – Sue Collins

How long have you been creating art and how did you get started?Dyeing and hand spinning evolved during breeding of alpacas which started in 1999. With which Spin’N’Knit Fibre Design was introduced to the cottage craft industry, to incorporate more hand dyed wool and fibre. Together with alpaca fibre and yarn.

What is the main inspiration and influences for your work?With commercial yarn and man-made fibres, it has become harder for the natural fibres to compete. Our focus became more on natural fibres including alpaca, wool, silk, mohair and other blends. Alpacas are becoming more integrated into the fibre market thereby promoting it.

When and how did you realise, this what you wanted to do with your life?Have always been interested in craft and how versatile it is, but working hands on with fleece and appreciating its beauty, brought about a challenge to liven up otherwise duller colours.

What other areas of life have shaped your work as an artist?During earlier years of spinning alpaca and wool, I won Championships at a National level. In March 2004 at the Robertson Show, I was awarded Supreme Champion for both spinning and knitting in the Alpaca Wool Crafts.

How would you describe the art & design scene in Canberra?
The art and design scene is evolving to greater heights and more talented groups of people unite in joining its focus of art and design. This also encompasses people in rural regional areas.

What have you learnt most about establishing yourself as an artist?It takes time to establish oneself as people become acquainted with the type of art you have on offer.

Where would you like to take your art in the future?Introduce more items that will help other create their own art.

What advice do you have for other artists hoping to follow in your footsteps?
With all things, it takes time, and finances. Take one step at a time and not be dazzled.

Spin'N'Knit will also be at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Canberra from 6 - 9 August so pop by and say hello.

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