Sunday, July 31, 2011

Netty van den Heuval at Watson Arts Centre

The ceramic scultures of Netty van den Heuvel from the Netherlands can best be described as drawings in space. Because of their characteristic open-weave technique they seem transparent and their form effects a relationship with nature and architecture

Artists reception 1.00pm Sunday 7th August
Exhibition runs 28th July to 7th August
Watson Arts Centre, Aspinall Street Watson.
Gallery hours 10am - 4pm Thursday to Sunday

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Calling all artists from the Belconnen and Canberra Region!

Creative Alchemy
23 September-23 October 2011

Following on the success of Belco Bizarre, a community exhibition by members of the Belconnen community to celebrate the Centre’s first anniversary, Creative Alchemy is an opportunity for artists to contribute works that visualise, interpret, spark debate and have fun with the creative forces that bubble up in us, our society and the physical world around us. Artists from the Belconnen region are especially encouraged to apply.

To help ignite your creative ‘sparks”, here are a few manifestations / expressions of alchemy:
            an ancient practice focused on the attempt to change base metals into gold
            the ancient search for a universal panacea, and for the philosopher's stone
            a microprocessor
            a fictional British mutant in the Marvel Comics universe
            a computer puzzle game
            a novel
            an ongoing Japanese manga series

So you can see, many interesting interpretations of alchemy already exist!

Creative Alchemy aims to be an exhibition of works that are a “cut above” the ordinary, and which reflect thoughtful (and playful, intriguing, unusual, etc.) consideration of the exhibition’s brief. We encourage new and emerging artists, students, recreational artists, as well as professional practitioners, with the emphasis on the creation of visually and tactile stimulating and engaging works.

Creative Alchemy II, in the Foyer Space: Textile artist Julie Ryder combines the arts practice of printmaking with the impact of chemical reaction and transformation, and will be exhibiting her fascinating prints in the Foyer Gallery Space in a companion exhibition.

Julie, a Canberra-based textile artist who uses science as a base for her research and arts-practice, has developed a hybrid practice between art and science.  Ryder uses bacteria, moulds, the chemical reaction that occurs between vegetable matter, natural fibres and various minerals used for mordants, and multiple scientific technologies) to create her intricate screen-printed designs. Ryder’s early science training and study working in a veterinary research lab, have translated into her science-based arts practice. She is able to illustrate how that scientific research and investigation led her to an ongoing fascination with the micro and the macro in nature.

There will be a selection process for the exhibition and those selected to exhibit their works in Creative Alchemy will be notified the week of 15 August by phone or email whichever is preferred.

An exciting public program of talks, workshops and possible demonstrations will accompany the exhibitions.

If you have any questions or require further information please contact Jacque Schultze, Exhibitions Coordinator, on (02) 6173 3300. We look forward to receiving your entry.

Hannah Semler
Belconnen Arts Centre Incorporated

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weaving Classes and Opportunities at ANU

Weaving classes and opportunities:

- 2nd Semester evening class at the the ANU

WEAVE CLASS at the ANU, 2nd half Semester Two 2011
Thick and Thin: From Rags to Riches!

Tutor: Monique van Nieuwland

Enjoy adventures in weaving!
This short course will use thick and thin as the main theme. We will explore several weave structures to create a variety of fabric outcomes. We will use strips of fabric as weft, combined with other wefts to best advantage. Resulting fabrics will suit different applications, ranging from fine wearables, cushion covers, decorative pieces, to rugs. You will come away with a great set of samples and guidance to further develop into a project of your own at home.

People will share looms with different set ups. The tutor will provide fabrics to make into weft. Participants are also encouraged to source their own ‘rags’ and turn them into riches!

Participants have the use of a table loom and can also bring their own table loom if they wish. Recommended for beginner and intermediate level

7 sessions, 
Tuesday 6-9pm, October 4, 
Saturday 9-12am + 1-4pm, October 8
Tuesday 6-9pm, October 11, 18, 25.

Maximum 8 participants, to enroll visit the VAA website:

- Weaving intro/beginner class at Canberra Spinners and Weavers

Short beginner class. 
People can use their own loom or hire a table loom for a small fee from the Canberra S[inners and Weavers Guild.
Tuition is combined with independent weaving at home between classes.
Sunday 9 Oct  (9-12 + 1-4) -full day
Saturday 15 (9-12) -half day, only the morning session
Sunday 16 Oct (9-12 + 1-4) -full day
Sunday 30 Oct (9-12 + 1-4) -full day and
Sunday 6 Nov (9-12) -half day, only the morning

To enrol contact: Leigh Casley 6253 8076

- summerschool 2012

ANU School of Art Textiles
Fifth Weavers’ Summer School 
Summer 2012, January 21-25 and 27-28

The ANU Textiles Workshop is offering its fifth Weavers’ Summer School. This is an opportunity for intermediate and advanced weavers to use the workshop looms for a personal project. This can be for a finished piece or to engage in weave experimentation. 

Applicants will need to have a basic knowledge of 4 shaft weave structures. 

The Weavers’ Summer School offers:
  • 3 counter-march 8-10 shaft treadle looms, all with double back beam
  • 5 computer dobby looms (16-24 shaft), all with double back beam
  • Weaving equipment ie warping mill, shuttles, bobbin winder, threaders, temples etc
  • Assistance with calculations and set up of projects
  • Instruction and assistance with use of computer design program and looms
  • Informal show-and-tell and exchange by participants and tutor 

Participants are asked to contact the tutor to organise materials before the summer school starts. Previous projects have included complex weave scarves, large throws, table runner sets, decorative wall pieces, lengths of material, floor rugs.
21 Jan through to Saturday 28 Jan 2012 (except Thursday Australia Day)
9.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 16.00 each day

Cost: to be confirmed 
Tutor: Monique van Nieuwland

Monique van Nieuwland has been a weaver for more than 30 years and completed M(Phil) studies in Textiles at the ANU in 2004. She has taught at the ANU Textiles Workshop and at Sturt Contemporary Design and Craft Centre in Mittagong. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

To express your interest please contact Monique by email:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sewing Bug Workshops

Machine Embroidery Workshop - 22nd July

Ever wanted to learn how to hoop applique on your Embroidery machine Then come join Karen and Amanda 

Please phone for details and requirements on all workshops

Expressions of Interest for new Canberra Market

Eryka is currently looking for expressions of interest for a new Artisans and Craftsman market at Gunenderra Homestead at Harrison. It is envisioned that the market would run three to four times a year. Please contact Eryka at with the type of work you sell and your interest.

Plan Exhibition 2011


You are invited to exhibit your art work in the PlanEx11 exhibition.

Over the last 11 years, Friends of Plan Canberra has successfully raised funds to support children in project countries, by offering quality arts and crafts for sale.  This year the money will go to the Hygiene, Sanitation and Access to Water in East Timor project. 

When: November 25, 26 and 27 November 2011
Where: Weston Community Centre

Exhibitors are key to the success of the show, so please get involved by submitting your art to the show and sale (25% commission). Details are on the enclosed entry forms, and of course the earlier you can let us know of your support, the easier it will be to make the show a success.

Contact for entry forms

For Friends of Plan Canberra,

Ralph Boldra    Henry Satrapa Gösta Lyngå  Monique van Nieuwland

Friends of Plan Canberra
PO Box 4719  HIGGINS ACT 2616
ph 02 6288 7009 or 02 6292 2224

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Gallery in Queanbeyan - Form Studio and Gallery

Just a quick reminder about the opening of our new gallery space on the 5th of August at 1/30 Aurora Avenue, Queanbeyan. The exhibition will until the 29th of August 2011. For those who don’t already know, the opening is a charity event to raise money for WOW working wonder a wonderful organisation which helps women enter or re enter the work force. Tickets are now on sale for theevent, at $20 each which also includes music and canapés. if you are interested please contact Dilukshi Senanayake using the email link

Claire Primrose
Form Studio and Gallery 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Course at ANU - Art and Global Survival

We must all do our bit, and this year Roy Forward way is to run a course on the way artists around the world are working to increase people's awareness of the need to act for global survival. It is an evening course at the ANU.  

Art and Global Survival           6–8pm on 8 Tuesdays    $275

Nothing outranks human survival, but only now is it in art.  Not just in Greens’ posters and tree-huggers’ performance pieces either.  The facts of overpopulation, famine, water shortage and global warming are hitting home.  Still to come is the tsunami of refugees and boat people.  Artists are rising to the challenge for change.

Art’s long concern with survival for some              26 July 2011
Art & present threats to human survival                2 August
Art & overpopulation                                           9 August
Art & the exhaustion of the means of life              16 August
Art & climate change                                          23 August
Art & boat people                                               30 August
Art & war                                                           6 September
Roles for art in global survival                              13 September

Centre for Continuing Education, Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200                  tel. 6125 2892                fax. 6125 5938

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Way We Wear Fair - 15 - 17 July

It is that time of the year again and the Vintage Fair is on at Albert Hall – slightly extended trading hours apply. This time entry also includes an exhibition “Dressed for the Voyage – First Sitting” which includes over 60 original Titanic era costumes with their history and stories.

All Days event Entry: $12.00
Child (10+): $6.00
Family; $30.00
Conc: $10.00

Friday 15 July 6pm – 9.30pm
Saturday 16 July 10am – 6pm
Sunday 17 July 10am to 5pm

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Textile and Fibre shop in Boorowa

A dedicated shop for fibre and textile nuts is opening in Boorowa next Saturday, July 9 at 26 Marsden Street (the main street), next to the saddlers and just up the road from the Superb Café.

Boorowa is a scenic hour to hour and a half drive from Canberra.

While bigger things are planned, initially the shop is supplying the following
  • Locally produced merino and merino X yarns, in unbleached white, natural browns and greys and also hand dyed. (8 and 10 ply)
  • English Leicester yarns, unbleached white and hand dyed (4-8 ply equivalents)
  • Merino and merino X tops suitable for spinning and felting
  • Alpaca yarns
  • Rug weaving yarns
  • Cones of commercial yarns suitable for weaving and machine knitting
  • Sheep (white and coloured), merino, corriedale and crossbred
  • Alpaca fleeces
  • Silk yarns
  • Silk cocoons (in various stages)
  • Cotton and linen yarns
  • Cashmere (coloured) fibre
  • Mohair fibre
  • Angora (small amounts only) fibre
  • Commercial dyes
  • Vegetable dyes (dried vegetable matter or freshly brewed depending on seasonal availability)
  • Jewellery
  • Books 
  • Products from all of the above
  • Carding service available

For more information, please contact Lorraine Follett, 0488772260

Asian Art textile talks at the National Gallery of Australia

Parkes Place, Parkes ACT
Contact ; Edie Young 6240 6409

Free lunchtime talks  @ 12.45 pm  

Tuesday 12 July 12.45 pm
Japanese shibori technique and Keiko’s contemporary textile practice
Keiko Amenomori-Schmeisser, Japanese textile artist, speaks about her work and the methods and production of contemporary shibori. She will show samples and works in progress of this traditional Japanese dyeing technique which she uses in her work.
n the Small Theatre 

Tuesday 19 July
Brocade patchwork and Buddhist symbolism   
Melanie Eastburn, Curator, speaks about the form and symbolism of a Japanese Buddhist priest’s mantle of luxurious brocade patchwork.
East Asian gallery

Other Asian art events this Winter

Tuesday 9 August
Krishna’s secret
Free lunchtime talk  @ 12.45 pm
Dr Richard Barz, Head of Program in Hindi and Urdu, Australian National University, introduces the Gallery’s temple hanging of the popular Hindu god, Krishna, as Shri Nathji and reveals the secret in Shri Nathji’s hidden hand.
Indian gallery

Sunday 21 August 2.00 pm
Free screening : Sita sings the blues
DVD, 2008, unrated, 81 mins
An infectious and dazzling animated interpretation of the Indian epic Ramayana, this film explores love and loyalty in mythical India and modern America. Writer, director, producer Nina Paley.
James O Fairfax Theatre

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Searching for flannelette shirts!

My name is Dan Edwards and I am a local Canberra emerging artist working in the textiles fibre field. Currently I am collecting men’s flannelette shirts for an artwork I am envisioning. If anyone around the Canberra area has any old flannelette shirts in their cupboards (see image for example) that they’ve been meaning to take down to the op shops or even throw in the rag pile I would love to take them off your hands. My work is themed around the identity of the craftsman in Australian culture from the 1970’s through to the modern day. I would be more then happy to collect any shirts you may have.

Contact Daniel Edwards
Tel: 0413 275 869  or  02 6161 5442

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Out There 2011

New at The Shed

-    The sublime narrative art of Braidwood artist Leah-Kate Hannaford will feature from July 5th to August 14th

-    Wild Life artist extraordinare, Steve Mervell ( Winner of the Grand Prize for Art at the 2010 Canberra Show) is the feature artist from August 16th to September 4th.

-    Changing art works from the 'Sheds' studio artists, tutors and guest artists are on continuous exhibition.

-    Iconic musician Steve Tyson and his band 'The Industrious Felons' are the feature group at the 'Shed Sessions' on July 3rd. Individualy, he played in the Australian touring band for Chuck Berry, and in Gentle Art and Spike as the suppport act for Billy Joel, Elton John, Back Sabbath, Canned Heat and The Average White Band. Steve has toured the world stage as a musician and has a new solo record 'TEMPLE DOG'
The Shed Sessions are in the gallery with a warming fire and Doonkuna wine by donation. Kick off is at 2pm and are on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the Month [sometimes the 5th} .