Thursday, June 9, 2011

Carrot Mob launch at the Ainslie IGA this Saturday

This coming Saturday 11 June is the Carrotmob event - which is an initiative being supported by SEE-Change . 

What is CarrotMob?
In a Carrotmob campaign, businesses compete at how socially responsible they can be, and then a network of consumers spends money to support the winner. It’s the opposite of a boycott. Carrotmobs are about showing people that how and where they spend there money does make a difference – you can ask for more than just the product – you can ask that it is locally made, or produced sustainably, or ethically, or that the profits from its sale stay in the local community – especially if you shop in a mob!

Where is it happening? If you shop at any stage on the Saturday at the Ainslie IGA, your money will be put towards initiatives to improve the sustainability of the Ainslie IGA. However between 11-2pm there will be music, a bbq, home sustainability information, games and prizes to be won.   

More information about Carrotmob: 
Facebook - Carrotmob Canberra

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