Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5th Weavers' Summer School @ ANU School of Art Textiles Workshop

The ANU Textiles Workshop is offering its fifth Weavers’ Summer School. This is an opportunity for intermediate and advanced weavers to use the workshop looms for a personal project. This can be for a finished piece or to engage in weave experimentation. Applicants will need to have completed basic introduction to 4 shaft weave structures. 

The Weavers’ Summer School offers:
  • 3 counter-march 8-10 shaft treadle looms, all with double back beam
  • 5 computer dobby looms (16-24 shaft), all with double back beam
  • Weaving equipment ie warping mill, shuttles, bobbin winder, threaders, temples etc
  • Assistance with calculations and set up of projects
  • Instruction and assistance with use of computer design program and looms
  • Informal show-and-tell and exchange by participants and tutor 

Participants are required to contact the tutor to organise materials before the summer school starts. Previous projects have included complex weave scarves, large throws, table runner sets, decorative wall pieces, lengths of material, floor rugs.

21 Jan through to Saturday 28 Jan 2012 (except Thursday Australia Day)
9.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 16.00 each day

Costs: $680

For enrolment phone (02) 6125 2892 or visit the Visual Arts Acces website: 

Monique van Nieuwland 
Please contact the tutor to discuss your project:

Monique has been a weaver for more than 30 years. She teaches weave classes in the Visual Arts Access program at the ANU, Fibre Forum and Sturt Craft Centre. She exhibits her work regularly and is an Accredited Professional Member of Craft ACT. 

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