Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Market Coming to Canberra

About us:

VI Ambition Support Incorporated (VIASInc) is a not for profit organisation which seeks to make the lives easier for people undergoing difficulty. In addtion we are commited to opening the 'door of opportunity' for those in the community who otherwise would find it difficult to reach their goals. One example is the promotion of local creative artists and artisans. Our goal in the promotion of local creative artists and artisans is providing commercial avenues for local creative producers such as the upcoming City Walk Expo.

VIASInc established and is launching the forthcoming 'City Walk Expo' which is due to begin early in 2010, to be held every Saturday of the year in Civic and will showcase creative talent of the Canberra region specifically local artists, artisans and fashion. By delivering a platform to our clients (the Stallholders) we are allowing them to achieve recognition and derive income through what they make. Our aim is also to give a regular splash of entertainment, excitement, colour and vibrant atmosphere in the centre of Canberra. This event will be enjoyed by the young and mature alike, and provide the opportunities for individuals to be creative and showcase their talents.

Proceeds of the event will flow through to VI Ambtion Support Incorporated.

Some of the projects currently undertaken by VIASInc include:
 Assisting in the direct relief of poverty and homelessness;
 Assisting with the integration into society of persons who have been released from correctional facilities by providing jobs training, opportunities and other services such as welfare assistance;
 Creating a refuge for men and women in domestic crisis in the ACT and NSW;
 Establishing an advocate's office in the ACT to provide financial and counselling support (eg. payment of utilities for those who cannot pay their bills & counselling for people in need); and
 A clinic with specialist treatment for people living with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.).

CITY WALK EXPO – staying with the times, creating for the future

Dates and contact details will be published once confirmed. Watch this space!


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about this. Sounds like a great idea.

  2. Hey does anyone know if this went ahead? I cannot find anyone who knows.