Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reloved - Revamped - CraftACT 30 September 6.00 pm

pākaru - (Māori verb) to break through, break forth, break into pieces, split open.  
Pākaru is constructed from recycled and reintegrated fabrics sourced from discarded clothes well as fabric off-cuts, which would be otherwise disposed of. Inspired by Maori design principles in traditional tattooing, Ta Moko, this collection confronts the contemporary fashion design cycle with deconstructionist designs.
“The block of wood should not dictate to the carver”
Maori Proverb quote
Challenging the stigma associated with recycled and reintegrated materials, Pākaru uses fundamental Ta Moko design principles to create a juxtaposition of old and contemporary design. Levels of depth exaggerated by texture, contrast of line and plane to create form and negative space highlighted by reveal conceal are the basis of this collection.
Pākaru is a visual que and a social exploration into contemporary consumption, these pieces are a unique dialogue between the designer, wearer and viewer highlighting the state of modern disposable fashion.

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