Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be 'Green Savvy' at the Bus Depot Market this Sunday

Green Savvy Sunday Specialist Stallholders
In addition the solar panels that the Bus Depot Markets are installing on the roof as part of their goal to be a carbon neutral event for the day and to some fantastic speakers that will be presenting at Green Savvy Sunday (details and timings below) –there will also be a variety specialist stallholders! They will be providing organic, recycled, reused and eco-friendly products –such as green smart alternatives for living, food and wine, jewellery, fashion, craft, clothing, skin care and more. Specialist Stallholders include:

Food and Wine
Rosnay Organic Wines – winery focusing on organic wines and biodynamics.

Organic raw chocolate kits – to make your own raw chocolate. It is a health food!

Stephen Hogwood Organic Preserves – discover or rediscover how organic food used to be preserved, and marvel at the way food used to taste!

Lindsay and Edmunds Organic Chocolates – try their new range featuring slabs of roasted cacao in Fairtrade organic Belgium milk chocolate, and cointreau and Grand Marnier liqueur chocolates.

Fashion and Jewellery
Tamara Russell - textile artist who upcycles fabric to create fantastic jewellery and handbags.

Sylvia Convey – well known Australian textile artist with a range of Eco- friendly Sustainable Mixed Media Jewellery.

Karen Monson – range of unique handmade bags using vintage recycled material.

Tahlia Downes - upcycled clothing and home décor.

Miso Chic – turns antique Japanese kimonos into exquisite brooches.

Liz Wright and Tony Lemerle – garden art and sculpture made from recycled materials.

Annie Storey – beautiful fountains from recycled copper.

Tamsin Rushbrook – homewares, jewellery and and art made from recycled materials including jewellery from old typewriter keys.

Robin Johnson – author of “Your Sustainable Garden”, providing sensible and practical guidance for those who love and recognise the environmental and quality-of-life values of the suburban garden; achieving even better gardens with substantially less water!

Jackie French – And dont forget as part of our Green Savvy Sunday special event celebrations, we are offering you the chance to win a signed copy of Jackie French’s “Backyard Self-sufficiency” book. Click here for more information and to enter.

Green Savvy Sunday Speakers Program
To encourage the ‘green savvy’ lifestyle in us all, we have organised some fantastic speakers to be onsite during Green Savvy Sunday on the 17th October to share their thoughts and ideas. There is no registration required to attend – everyone is welcome. The speakers will be presenting in a marquee at the entrance to the Markets in the north/western courtyard.

Steve Hogwood 10.00am to 10.40am
Steve Hogwood is a passionate gardener, ex ad man and old hippie from the 60’s. Listen to how he only uses naturally filtered rain water, organic honeys and vinegar’s, hand picked organic product, all prepared and preserved the slow traditional way, using Mason Ball preserving jars for vegetables and pickles and Fowlers Vacola jars for preserving fruit, an icon in Australian preserving for generations. Come and discover or rediscover how organic food used to be preserved and marvel at the way food used to taste!

Jackie French  11.00am to 11.40am
Backyard Selfsufficiency: how to grow everything except chocolate in Canberra, and how to grow 60% of your food in half an hour a week, including picking.

Philip Brown 12.00pm to 12.15pm
Philip Brown, Armada Solar’s Sales Manager, will talk about Canberra’s Solar Revolution and what it means for you. Topics that Phil will discuss include: the economics of solar and the feed in law, what is involved with putting solar on your house, what are the different technologies, and how to make the best choice.

Jackie French 12.30pm to 1.10pm
The Slowest food of all: how to take forty years to make your breakfast, from building the chook yard to planting the nut trees for the chooks to feed on, and why making, baking, and planting orchards everywhere from neighbourhood streets to schoolyards for the next generations to enjoy, and building up long term social and family and ecological capital can make life rich and full…

Nick Mayo 1.20pm to 1.40pm
Nicholas Mayo, co‐owner of Canberra’s Sustainable House provides an insight into what houses of the future might look like as we enter an age of drying and warming. Collecting all of it’s water from the rain that falls on its roof, generating all of its electricity from sunlight, and heating all of its water from solar energy.

This is Canberra’s Sustainable House – the future in housing now http://www.canberrassustainablehouse.com.au/.

Jackie French 1.45pm to 2.35pm
Death to the Three Minute Shower is about common ‘green’ misconceptions: showers don’t use water, they borrow it. If you recycle your water you can shower as long as you want to. Backyard composting can be a disaster, breeding rats, mice and fruit fly and add to global warming if it isn’t done properly- but there are easy alternatives. Eating lots of beef is bad for the planet, but munching on feral goat may help. Consuming more -not less -may even help the planet too…though it depends on what you are consuming, and how and when.

Suri Talip 2.45pm to 3.00pm
Suri will be talking about worm farming in your backyard.

Cam Wilson 3.10pm to 3.50pm
Cam will be speaking about the efficient use of watering in a permaculture garden, and how to drought proof for the future.

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