Thursday, August 6, 2009

FEATURED ARTIST - Julie Gianotis of Julie G Photography

How long have you been creating art and how did you get started?I’ve been painting for around 14 years and photographing for 6 years. I began photography by assisting a wedding studio in Sydney. This provided an incredible learning experience which has become the foundation of everything I know today.

What is the main inspiration and influences for your work?With my personal work which is mainly abstract and still life work I am inspired by abstract and repetitive forms in nature. My favourite painters are Gustav Klimt, Edvard Munch and Cezanne. My inspiration for my portrait photography is the challenge of capturing some depth of emotion in my images together with great backgrounds and lighting. I try to create a connection for the viewer so that they feel as though they want to be involved in that moment I’ve captured.

When and how did you realise, this what you wanted to do with your life?When I was sitting in a well paid office job on the 20th floor of a building in Sydney. At the time I was studying photography and selling my paintings part time. I knew I had to get out of the office and determined I was going to become a photographer somehow.

What other areas of life have shaped your work as an artist?I think having a background in painting has been a very strong influence in the way I think about photography. Also, my interest in portrait photography comes from a fascination with people and psychology. I enjoy interacting with people and encouraging them to let their guard down for just that moment to make emotive images with impact. I think one of the most important parts of image making is how you relate to people.

How would you describe the art & design scene in Canberra?Since moving here last September I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the incredible mix of highly talented and creative people I’ve encountered.

What have you learnt most about establishing yourself as an artist?That networking is vital and that business skills are essential. I don’t think it matters how good an artist you are, without business and marketing skills you can only go so far.

Where would you like to take your art in the future?I’d like to be continually challenging myself by developing my personal work and I’d like my portrait photography business to continue to grow. I would also like to return to painting in the not too distant future.

What advice do you have for other artists hoping to follow in your footsteps?That perseverance and determination are vital. I could have and probably should have given up a thousand times. But when you know what you’re supposed to be doing you just keep going no matter how bleak things can appear at the time. I think staying focused on where you are going and having a supportive network around you is also very important.

What is new for JulieG Photography?
I was recently chosen as one of 30 photographers worldwide to appear in a book entitled “Real Colors of My Life”. The competition was held by Datacolour in Switzerland. The book is now for sale through Blurb Bookstore, please visit Proceeds of the book sales will go to an orphanage in Chile.

Julie G Photography now offers pet portraits to clients within the Canberra Region combining Julie’s love of animals with her passion for portraits. And last but not least I now offer “Photography workshops for Beginners” providing One-on-One Tuition for those who would like to get more out of their camera and learn professional insights to dramatically improve their photos. Photoshop tuition is also available.

Julie G Photography will be at the next Handmade Market so pop by and say hi.

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