Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back from Holidays

Back after a lovely break in the Noosa Hinterland followed by my week enjoying the warmth and sun in Cairns. Lots of exercise, good food and meeting / catching up with great friends.

I have come back to a request by mc27@me.com to pass on information asking for support to keep Cuppacumalong open to the public and as an arts and craft centre.  Please go to http://www.gopetition.com.au/petitions/save-cuppacumbalong.html for more information. ACTPLA have now approved these changes so if you could write to any of the following to highlight your support for Cuppacumalong remaining open to the public as an arts and crafts location.

Media contacts:
ABC radio

Mr Jon Stanhope,  Chief Minister, Australian Labour Party                            stanhope@act.gov.au                   fax 6205 0433
Mr John Hargreaves, Australian Labour Party, Member for Brindabella    hargreaves@act.gov.au                 fax 6205 0418
Mr Steve Doszpot,      Canberra Liberals,   Member for Brindabella           doszpot@parliament.act.gov.au    fax 6205 0412
Ms Amanda Bresnan   The ACT Greens,   Member for Brindabella             bresnan@parliament.act.gov.au   fax 6205 0777
Ms Joy Burch                Australian Labour Party,   Member for Brindabella   burch@act.gov.au                          fax 6205 3165
Mr Brendan Smyth     Canberra Liberals,  Member for Brindabella                smyth@parliament.act.gov.au     fax 6205 08 59


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