Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Red Hill School is looking for visiting artists - Next Week

My name is Renee and I’m a teacher at Red Hill School.

Our school is an IB school and part of this program involves our Year 6 classes taking part in Exhibition.

Students undertake an extensive investigation into a real-life issue that combines global significance with local relevance. The organising theme for the exhibition is How We Express Ourselves. Small groups of Year 6 students will collaboratively inquire into an aspect of this very broad topic- The ARTS For example, their inquiry may be into human impact on society, homelessness, drugs, families in need, power of money etc.

We are interested in having an Artist come visit us and discuss issues that are represented via the arts and how artist are compelled to reflect on these through a range of mediums. Perhaps even demonstrate and create with the students a piece of art.

Would you know of anyone that would be able to visit our school during the periods of 5th -17th of September and present or run a workshop with our students?

Please can you contact me if you are in anyway able to help me. 0430 764 370 School; 6205 7144

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