Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Textile and Fibre shop in Boorowa

A dedicated shop for fibre and textile nuts is opening in Boorowa next Saturday, July 9 at 26 Marsden Street (the main street), next to the saddlers and just up the road from the Superb Café.

Boorowa is a scenic hour to hour and a half drive from Canberra.

While bigger things are planned, initially the shop is supplying the following
  • Locally produced merino and merino X yarns, in unbleached white, natural browns and greys and also hand dyed. (8 and 10 ply)
  • English Leicester yarns, unbleached white and hand dyed (4-8 ply equivalents)
  • Merino and merino X tops suitable for spinning and felting
  • Alpaca yarns
  • Rug weaving yarns
  • Cones of commercial yarns suitable for weaving and machine knitting
  • Sheep (white and coloured), merino, corriedale and crossbred
  • Alpaca fleeces
  • Silk yarns
  • Silk cocoons (in various stages)
  • Cotton and linen yarns
  • Cashmere (coloured) fibre
  • Mohair fibre
  • Angora (small amounts only) fibre
  • Commercial dyes
  • Vegetable dyes (dried vegetable matter or freshly brewed depending on seasonal availability)
  • Jewellery
  • Books 
  • Products from all of the above
  • Carding service available

For more information, please contact Lorraine Follett, 0488772260

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