Thursday, July 28, 2011

Calling all artists from the Belconnen and Canberra Region!

Creative Alchemy
23 September-23 October 2011

Following on the success of Belco Bizarre, a community exhibition by members of the Belconnen community to celebrate the Centre’s first anniversary, Creative Alchemy is an opportunity for artists to contribute works that visualise, interpret, spark debate and have fun with the creative forces that bubble up in us, our society and the physical world around us. Artists from the Belconnen region are especially encouraged to apply.

To help ignite your creative ‘sparks”, here are a few manifestations / expressions of alchemy:
            an ancient practice focused on the attempt to change base metals into gold
            the ancient search for a universal panacea, and for the philosopher's stone
            a microprocessor
            a fictional British mutant in the Marvel Comics universe
            a computer puzzle game
            a novel
            an ongoing Japanese manga series

So you can see, many interesting interpretations of alchemy already exist!

Creative Alchemy aims to be an exhibition of works that are a “cut above” the ordinary, and which reflect thoughtful (and playful, intriguing, unusual, etc.) consideration of the exhibition’s brief. We encourage new and emerging artists, students, recreational artists, as well as professional practitioners, with the emphasis on the creation of visually and tactile stimulating and engaging works.

Creative Alchemy II, in the Foyer Space: Textile artist Julie Ryder combines the arts practice of printmaking with the impact of chemical reaction and transformation, and will be exhibiting her fascinating prints in the Foyer Gallery Space in a companion exhibition.

Julie, a Canberra-based textile artist who uses science as a base for her research and arts-practice, has developed a hybrid practice between art and science.  Ryder uses bacteria, moulds, the chemical reaction that occurs between vegetable matter, natural fibres and various minerals used for mordants, and multiple scientific technologies) to create her intricate screen-printed designs. Ryder’s early science training and study working in a veterinary research lab, have translated into her science-based arts practice. She is able to illustrate how that scientific research and investigation led her to an ongoing fascination with the micro and the macro in nature.

There will be a selection process for the exhibition and those selected to exhibit their works in Creative Alchemy will be notified the week of 15 August by phone or email whichever is preferred.

An exciting public program of talks, workshops and possible demonstrations will accompany the exhibitions.

If you have any questions or require further information please contact Jacque Schultze, Exhibitions Coordinator, on (02) 6173 3300. We look forward to receiving your entry.

Hannah Semler
Belconnen Arts Centre Incorporated

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