Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Course at ANU - Art and Global Survival

We must all do our bit, and this year Roy Forward way is to run a course on the way artists around the world are working to increase people's awareness of the need to act for global survival. It is an evening course at the ANU.  

Art and Global Survival           6–8pm on 8 Tuesdays    $275

Nothing outranks human survival, but only now is it in art.  Not just in Greens’ posters and tree-huggers’ performance pieces either.  The facts of overpopulation, famine, water shortage and global warming are hitting home.  Still to come is the tsunami of refugees and boat people.  Artists are rising to the challenge for change.

Art’s long concern with survival for some              26 July 2011
Art & present threats to human survival                2 August
Art & overpopulation                                           9 August
Art & the exhaustion of the means of life              16 August
Art & climate change                                          23 August
Art & boat people                                               30 August
Art & war                                                           6 September
Roles for art in global survival                              13 September

Centre for Continuing Education, Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200                  tel. 6125 2892                fax. 6125 5938

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